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Diabetes Mood

Explanatory sheet for research participants

The attached questionnaire is sent to you as part of a study conducted at Tel Aviv University, School of Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering. The study deals with the contribution of personality variables and their relationship to the balance of diabetes. Through this study, we will be able to expand the theoretical knowledge on personality traits and the optimal balance of diabetes, which could be translated into tools that will aid and improve human well-being.

The questionnaire includes demographic questions, the background of diabetes, and personality traits. If you feel uncomfortable or have questions about the study, you can contact Dr. Gon Shoham, via the study's email address

Through this questionnaire, we seek to learn about your personality structure and background of diabetes. We will ask for a serious and honest answer. We emphasize that your answers are for research purposes only and that you will maintain complete confidentiality in any case of publication of the findings.

The questionnaire is anonymous and does not include identifying details


We would like to emphasize that participation in the study is voluntary and that you have the full right to refuse or terminate your participation at any stage.


The questionnaire takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

The research and the following questionnaire has received the institutional review board (IRB) of Tel-Aviv university approval (approval number - 0002613-4) 

Informed consent form

Pressing the "Agree" key means that you are declaring that:


I know that I am free to choose not to participate in the study and I have the choice to choose not to answer some of the questions, or to terminate my participation at any time, without infringing on my rights, without harming me, and without any sanction being taken against me. I am also aware that the data collected is anonymous, and I am not asked to provide any identifying information. Further, I am guaranteed confidentiality regarding my identity in scientific publications.

I am aware that answering the research questionnaires may cause inconvenience or distress.

I also know that I can contact the research editors to get an answer to my questions, consult on any problem and question related to the research, and even get help in case of discomfort or distress following it (information about the research editors and the contact email address is below).


Thank you very much for your cooperation!


Prof. Ran Gilad in the volume,

Director of the MLwell lab (Machine Learning for Health and Well-Being)

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering at Tel Aviv University

Contact email address:


Dr. Gon Shoham,

Physician, Computational Learning Laboratory for Medicine and Quality of Life

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering at Tel Aviv University

Contact email address:

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