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PI – Ran Gilad-Bachrach

Prof. Gilad-Bachrach is conducting research in machine learning for over 20 years. After completing his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem under the supervision of Prof. Naftali Tishby, Ran joined Intel Research to lead a machine learning research team. Later, Ran joined Microsoft, first, as an applied researcher in Bing and later as a researcher and principal researcher at Microsoft Research. Recently, Ran joined the Bio-Medical Engineering department at Tel-Aviv University as an Associate Professor.

Ran Gilad Bachrach

Our Team

Grad student

working on sparse and explainable representations

Roy Hirsch

Roy Hirsch

Gon Shoham

Grad student understanding how behaviours and personality

affect copying with type I diabetes.


Maya Bechler-Speicher

Ph.D. student working on machine-learning, well-being,  and bioinformatics (co-supervised with Prof. Amir Globerson)


Noga Mudrik

Grad student working on electronic medical records analysis

Amnon Catav

Grad student working on attention models for medical diagnostics.


Dr. Dalit Ken Dror Feldman

Postdoctorate student (co-supervised with Prof. Karine Nahon) studying the consequences of deep-fake

Belle Kriger

Grad student working on fall risk score for senior citizens


Chaya Ben Yehuda

Grad student working on mental preparedness exercises


Dafna Schwartz

Ph.D. student working on measuring chorea measurments (co-supervised with with  Prof. Jeff Hausdorff)


Shachar Dascalu

Grad student working on deep learning


Undergrad student: algorithms for detecting unknown sub-types of disease (2020)

Mor Zukin

Omri Armstrong

Master's degree: Robust Model Compression Using Deep Hypotheses (2020)

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