The Machine Learning for Health and Well-Being (MLwell) Lab is a research lab at the Bio-Medical Engineering department at Tel-Aviv University. Our vision is to create the technology to allow everyone and everywhere access to personalized medicine and precision psychology that is: (i) effective (ii) respects the biological, cultural and behavioral differences between people (iii) respects privacy and other ethical requirements (iv) affordable. Our mission is to improve the state in the art in machine learning algorithms for personalized medicine and precision psychology.

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Joy Ventures Grant 

We are very thankful for the generous grant awarded to us by Joy Ventures to allow us to study "Improved stress coping using just-in-time mental preparedness exercises"

Upcoming event

Please join us to a webinar with leading experts from the social sciences and engineering for a webinar on Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Privacy. The event will be live streaming on March 24th 2020. Visit the event page here.

New paper

Our paper was accepted for publication in The WebConference (WWW 2020). The paper describes techniques for improving public health advertisments in search advertising. We use deep learning techniques to “translate” existing ads into more effective ones.

Upcoming event

On Jan 27 we will participate the Y-Data meetup in Tel-Aviv presenting our work Privacy Preserving Machine Learning. In this talk we will present how cryptography can be combined with machine learning to provide privacy and security and allow cloud services to opperate on private and sensitive data such as medical and financial data.


Introduction to Data Science for Engineers

Spring Semester

Class time: Thursday 8-11

Machine Learning for Health and Well-Being

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